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​Game Options

Free For All - In this game, anyone that plays is your enemy.  Fight for survival!

Team Play - In this version of the game, each team gets an allotted amount of lives.  Teamwork wins this one!

Domination - This is played using a domination box, and each team battles to control and dominate the domination box for the longest period of time

Freeze Tag - When a player is hit he must freeze in place until someone from his team tags him to be allowed to go to the respawn box to resume play.

Ebola Epidemic - Health persons vs. contagious ebola-stricken persons.  When an ebola-infected person tags a healthy person he becomes an infected person.  When a healthy person tags an ebola-stricken person, he has to run to the respawn box in order to continue playing.  The aim is to stay ebola-free until the end of the game!

Treasure Hunt -  Two teams scatter about looking for previously hidden treasures.  Find the treasure and bring it back to your base.  Be careful, don't get tagged out along the way.  If you do, you must drop the treasure, and get respawned before you may continue.  Team with the biggest loot wins!

Presidential Escort - Each team elects a president that must be protected for a certain amount of time, while the other team tries to hit the president.  First person to tag-out the other team's president, wins!

Capture the flag - Who doesn't know this one?  The team that captures the others teams flag and brings it back to their base without getting tagged out, wins!  Another way to win, is if the other team is all tagged out!

Snipers - This game plays along the rule, "One tag and you are out."  Optimal for short games.

Available in Team Play or Free For All

Hostage Rescue - One team takes a hostage from the other team.  Opposite-team players cannot harm the hostage, but same-team players can.  Make sure no accidents happen!

Terminator - In this play, one player is the object of the game.  All players get tagged out with one tag, while the object player gets many more lives.  Try to tag out the object player.

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